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When we are facing fears, in preparation to conquer, or attempting to regain our strength, we breathe because it gives us courage, hope, and confidence.

Focusing on components that promote education, positive character, social and life skills, health and wellness, leadership, community service, and most importantly, self-love. 

Succeeding is much easier for youth when they are surrounded by positive support. The importance of encouraging and empowering youth to go beyond their limits to achieve goals ensures youth have the proper resources and support to achieve excellence with confidence to excel beyond their circumstances.

Our team serves youth and their community as well as develop community partnerships and outreach.

Serving youth and their community by providing free programs, workshops, and connections to resources to combat socioeconomic and childhood trauma as well as expand opportunities for success


Support Breathe Youth Empowerment

Help breathe life into our youth and into our community!

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