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Our Story

Breathe Youth Empowerment Organization believes that if we are breathing, we have an opportunity to be all and do all in the name of positivity, strength, and success.


We are here to service our youth in hopes that one day all youth will have the proper resources and support to achieve in excellence with a boldness to conquer the world.

Breathing gives life, life gives opportunity, and opportunity gives power to accomplish goals.


When we are facing fears, when we are in preparation to conquer, when we are attempting to regain our strength, we breathe because it gives us courage, hope, and confidence. 

We strive to provide effective 

encouragement to children and teens in under-served communities so that they are able to develop into confident diverse individuals. We are dedicated to preparing youth for opportunities to progress on a life path of success. 

Our Purpose


Breathe Youth Empowerment motivates children and teens to be courageous and resilient. We inspire each youth to spark his or her own desire to be successful.

To encourage and empower youth to go beyond their limits to achieve goals

Our Mission

Our Vision

To build self-esteem, prepare for the future, and promote service to the community for every young person within our program

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